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Donna Boyd: My Music

Take Time

(Donna Boyd)
(Music & Lyrics by: Donna Boyd / David Carter © 2006)

It's like you're always running late
Never catching up
Time just seems to get away
You're always in a rush
What you wouldn't give for a minute
You could call your own
You fill up every precious little minute
Till they're all gone

You gotta Take Time to feel the sun on your shoulders
Take Time long enough to breathe
There's only one life, live it before it's over
Be who you wanna be
Take Time

They say that life is just a stage
Everyone must play their part
This minor role you feel you're living
Won't let you even make a start
Waiting in the wings for that moment
You could call your own
Time just hurries past you, don't it?
Busy marching on.