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Donna Boyd: My Music

Summer Rain

(Donna Boyd)
(Music & Lyrics by: Donna Boyd / David Carter © 2006)

Down through the garden gate
Along the narrow lane I race
I run
Down to where the river's low
Careful on the moss-covered stones
A gentle rain begins to fall
I don't really care at all
Waiting in a field of green
Underneath the tallest tree
A boy who makes me believe in love

Summer Rain, fall on me
My first kiss 17
Trembling hands, butterflies
Lost, suspended in time
Summer Rain

Breathless and a little scared
The scent of flowers filled the air
Intoxicated by his touch
Too much could never be enough
Soaked through to the skin
Our only thought was giving in
Promised that we'd always be
Forever seemed so close, you see
Carved initials in our tree


Now time has aged that garden gate, the lane is overgrown
A bridge takes the place where I slipped across the stones
The years have changed so many things
But memories still remain
As I stand beneath our tree
And I'm 17

When Summer Rain fell on me
That first kiss set me free
Trembling hands, butterflies
A moment suspended in time
Summer Rain
Summer Rain