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Donna Boyd: My Music


(Donna Boyd)
(Music & Lyrics by: Donna Boyd / David Carter © 2006)

I'm gonna close my eyes, and sit real still
Guess it doesn't matter anymore if I have the will
Cos you've made your decision
And now the time has come to say goodbye
I won't cry

I'm gonna hold my head high and face the day
No more tears to cry, as you walk away
From love with no tomorrow
Today is only faded photographs
And they won't last
Another day.

I don't have the strength to fight anymore
We're way past the end
My head keeps saying hold on tight to yesterday
My heart can't pretend
So this is the end.

I'm gonna hold my breath and sit real still
I'm gonna count all the lines on my windowsill
I'll make believe you're staying, cos the truth is just too hard to realise
There's no reprise

As you leave give my heart a passing glance
I wanna look you in the eye, it may be my last chance
Love was worth the payment, though we sit among the litter of our souls
Still we know
We'll love again.