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Donna Boyd: My Music

A Good Day

(Donna Boyd)
(Music & Lyrics by: Donna Boyd / David Carter © 2006)

Get up in the morning, a smile on my face
Such a beautiful dream, I didn't want to wake
Ever had a feeling you just couldn't shake?
That today is gonna be A Good Day

It's like finding a dollar you thought that you'd spent
At the bottom of your pocket when you haven't got a cent
That kind of luck you just can't invent
And today is gonna be A Good Day

I got a feeling that everything's gonna go my way
And I keep believin' today is gonna be A Good Day

The feeling's the kind you can't put into words
But I swear that it's there in the song of the birds
The sweetest of sounds that I've ever heard
Today is gonna be A Good Day


SOLO (Key Change)

Troubles come to cloud my skies & pour down on me
I'll go dancing in the rain
Cos nothing, nothing's gonna bring me down again

I keep pinching myself to be sure this is real
Cos it's hard to believe & harder to conceal
The gold in my rainbow is finally revealed
And today is gonna be A Good Day



At the end of the day when it's all done and said
As I switch off the light and I jump into bed
I'm looking forward to what lies ahead
Cos tomorrow's gonna be A Good Day